Sunday, November 3, 2013

Progress (of sorts)

I'm still in the process of organizing books and magazines. I'm trying to make a master list, which is taking some time, especially since I want to be sure that I can put my hands on all the materials in the list. Stash organization has yet to even start, and that's this week's project (including sticking it all in Raverly, since I've been very bad about that).

I do have some knitting to show, as well as some news. I have ended up turning the socks into bracers/long fingerless gloves. Since the only thing I'm now using from the pattern is the number of stitches to cast on, the purl edge, and a stitch pattern, I've decided that isn't enough for the socks to count as my project from Lace Style. But they are pretty and I'm happy with how they're turning out.

I also started a scarf from the 5th issue of Knitting Traditions. Myrtle Leaf Scarf is a lovely pattern, and I appear to be the first person knitting it (according to Ravelry anyway).  It's much bigger than this now, and really is a nice lace. There is a mistake with the stitch pattern, the 11th row should be k4, * k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, k2tog tbl*. They left off the tbl bit. And if you really want to be picky, you could also use the proper leaning decreases on the purl rows too, but I decided not to bother and it still works quite well. It's charted below, if you prefer charts.

This will likely end up as a cowl, because my stitch gauge is nowhere near loose enough for this to be a scarf. Guess that's the problem with knitting a scarf from one long edge to the other. But I figure a extra repeat or two of the lace should make a lovely cowl.

I also figured out what my sweater project for Knit a Sweater in November's going to be, but I haven't started it yet. Since it's knitted in laceweight on size 3s (I may end up larger, but I haven't done gauge swatches yet to see), it'd be incredibly unlikely that I'd finish by the end of November anyway, and my dog destroyed my size 4s, so I need to wait for KP to send me a new set.

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